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1. How to buy things from us?

Firstly, you should choose the currency, items or power-leveling and put them in the shopping cart. Then click “check out” to choose the method of payment. You can do it easily; just following the steps it reminds you. Welcome to buy!

2. Why does the price of currency changes all the time?

Due to the customers’ demand and supply in the market. We must adjust the price in order to stay competitive. Our aim is to attract more customers at affordable price.

3. How long does the delivery take?

It will take 10-30 minutes generally according to different purchase amount. It will take at most 36 hours to deliver if you order a large amount and we may give you some discounts. If we still can not complete delivery in 36 hours, we will give you some discount for your waiting.

4. What should I do if the Live Chat is not available?

The Internet connections are occasionally down or our systems might face some technical faults and disturbances are inevitable. When you encounter such a situation, please contact us via email and we will revert back.

5. Got any other problems?

Please contact us to have an instant helping by live chat or MSN. We will give you a satisfactory answer.